Rejuve Women Underwear Soft Organic Cotton, Maxi Dame Plain (Black/ Ivory)
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  • Delightfully soft and comfortable, organic cotton is free of toxic chemicals, making your skin healthy and radiant. You’re protecting Mother Earth too.
  • Material: 95% organic cotton,5% spandex
  • Silver Ion antimicrobial technology - Stops the replication of harmful microbes through direct contact with the surface of the underwear
  • Our technology even helps to maintain the integrity of vaginal micro-flora that supports overall feminine health.
  • GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton and OEKO-TEX® Certified Fabric
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Best gift for women, ladies

Rejuve Women Underwear Soft Organic Cotton, Maxi Dame Plain (Black/ Ivory)

Choosing cool underwear is more than a personal choice. Versatile underwear which is reinforced with ethical values helps to create positive vibes in you, the people around you and the environment you live in. Rejuve is every modern woman’s solution to support a livable planet. It is stylish, fitting, healthy, comfortable and empowering. Wearing Rejuve means you have taken the responsible step in choosing the finest cotton and saying no to GMO-seeds, pesticides and fertilizers that harm Mother Earth. No harmful dyes or chemicals on your skin. Choosing Rejuve means you care for your environment and in actively preserving a clean ecosystem for all living beings.


Rejuve is no ordinary underwear. Designed to help you fight bacteria in your own territory, Rejuve can break you free from the shackles of your underwear. Rejuve is made of certified organic cotton infused with the most advanced antimicrobial technology. Rejuve is soft, sensuous, breathable and comfortable, with the highest quality and form of protection – to keep you feeling fresh and smelling good inside and outside, all day long.

  • Material: 95% organic cotton,5% spandex

  • Suitable for daily wear

  • Best gift for women, ladies



S: Waist: 66-71cm, Hip: 92-97cm

M: Waist: 71-77cm, Hip: 97-102cm

L: Waist: 72-82cm, Hip: 102-107cm

XL: Waist: 82-87cm, Hip: 107-112cm



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Silver Ion antimicrobial technology

The advanced silver ion antimicrobial technology from Europe infused into Rejuve underwear stops the reproduction of bacteria when it comes in direct contact. Silver is scientifically proven as one of the most potent and broad spectrum antimicrobial agents in the world. This means there is permanent protection throughout the lifespan of your underwear. With safety being on top of our minds, this solution is nonleaching, hypoallergenic and toxic-free. What all this means is that our cutting-edge antimicrobial and odour-free technology will not only give you supreme comfort but a feeling of confidence in your own ‘natural’ skin. With bacteria – the prime culprit that causes odour – eliminated, you can stay fresh and feel confident day and night. 

By stopping the migration of pathogenic microorganisms from anus to the vagina, our technology even helps to maintain the integrity of vaginal micro-flora that supports overall feminine health.

Our unique formulation is world-standard compliant and meets the stringent requirements of EPA, BPR, Oeko-tex Standard 100 and Bluesign. Our formulation is non-leaching and biologically-inert to human physiological system.


GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

Rejuve chooses only organic cotton produced and certified to organic agriculture standard. Organic cotton strictly prohibits the use of poisonous and synthetic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. When you choose organically grown cotton, you reap all the benefits of cotton’s beauty, comfort and strength, and at the same time minimize harm to both people and the planet. When you wear organic cotton underwear, you practically eliminate toxicity-related health risks and wear less or no chemicals on your skin’s most sensitive area. By wearing organic cotton products, you can be proud of making a conscious choice – to be stylishly comfortable while setting a positive change to the environment and cotton farmers in the world. 


OEKO-TEX® Certified Fabric

Our fabrics and raw materials are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to ensure our underwear is hypoallergenic and toxic-free. OEKO-TEX® is the highest standard in the world on human ecological safety. 


Socially-responsible Sewing Facility

We use only sewing facilities that are certified WRAP and BSCI. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) are leading global standards on safe, humane and ethical manufacturing.


No Nano-silver

Although not conclusively proven, some researchers have found that silver nanoparticles may penetrate our cells and cause DNA damage that can lead to serious diseases as well as affecting living organisms in the environment. Rejuve strictly refuses silver nano-technology in our underwear production to safeguard your health and the health of our ecology. 


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