About Orikami

Pursue your comfort and health. It is the most important belief in Orikami poetry. Orikami poetry attaches importance to material safety, chooses to use high-quality, environmentally-friendly, non-polluting clothing materials, and provides ingenious designs for actual needs, and promises to create the most enjoyable dressing experience for consumers.



[Quality] and [Maintain Skin Health] as the main axis

Matari Uniform (1007927P) was founded in 2013, started as a corporate uniform supplier in local market. After accumulating many years of manufacturing experience and understanding of the material of the fabric, he evolved from a change in form and style to explore the real [wear]. Demand, in order to provide superior quality products, instead pays attention to the research and application of materials. 


Since 2018, its own brand "Orikami" has launched a series of high-performance home wears featuring various features such as "moisturizing", "anti-sensitivity" and "constant temperature control". Among them:


"Sthena Fiber Series" is a natural clean fiber into a garment. Sthena itself has antibacterial, anti-spasmodic and anti-itch properties. It is also an indispensable nutrient for the body. Clinical trials in Germany have confirmed that eczema can be improved and patients with sensitive skin have a better quality of life



Future Development and Commitment

Orikami's commitment is to make the first layer of contact clothing not only physical protection, but also functional and precise design of functional materials, many aspects of improving comfort and solving many uncomfortable problems. The elimination of harmful chemicals contained in cheap clothes is the ultimate pursuit of wearing experience. The use of healthy and safe products can make life more beaitiful. It is believed that this belief is in line with the real trend and meets the needs of users. It is at every step the Orikami poem is being practiced, and it is developing apparel products that can improve life and solve problems.